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Socially unconventional in an artistic way, often in the company of like-minded people

Photography is emotional. You should feel something when you see your photos. That starts with connection!

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Boheme Fox is about helping those who are hungry, curious, and self motivated. All of the other labels life puts on us don't matter, and we're open and happy to work with those who favor connection, kindness, trust, communication, and fun in life.

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Our Values




Having Fun

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How cliche right? But honestly, being able to connect and tell a story for you is the reason I do this. If you're not jumping up and down at the final launch, I messed up.

If we do nothing else, let's be kind. Kind to others, but seriously, be kind to yourself too. Business ownership is incredibly demanding - especially for the first few years - don't forget you!

As a small business + service provider, it's an honor to have you trust me with creating something so meaningful and huge! You can choose anyone so it means so much that you're here.

Relationships, friendships, or just ordering your favorite coffee just the way you like it all require effective, healthy communication. Babe, this ain't any different!

I'm someone who craves organic relationships that make me laugh till my sides hurt and new experiences that make me feel alive. I love working with others who value the same!


In high school, I loved observing from behind the lens. I participated in public shows and won some notable awards.


I returned to school to include graphic design with the goal of starting my own business + making art a permanent part of my professional life.


I took the leap of faith and embraced my talent and my future amid the 2020 pandemic. Freedom + empowerment!

The timeline

I took my portfolio and walked into a prominent photo studio and got myself a job. Talk about experience!

After graduating, I moved back to Colorado to study photography + be close to the mountains and family.

Boheme Fox's design website launched!
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Once you send an inquiry form, we'll set up a quick phone chat where we can get all of your questions answered. We'll also go over your vision for the shoot and make sure we're a good fit before you book!

It was senior headshot day in high school. Rather than a welcoming waiting area, there was a line out the door. Kids were called in like cattle.


My first experience with professional photography was awful.


The girl behind the lens

I sat down and the photographer draped a dirty, unstylish shawl over my shoulders. He didn’t say hello, he didn’t confirm my name.

I was not offered images to preview and I didn’t get to select the one of me for the senior yearbook – the one that would immortalize me there forever. There was no editing of youthful blemishes, no attempt to salvage my image - self, public, or otherwise.

As I grew my skill and became a photographer, I kept in mind how unpleasant and disappointing that experience was. All along I've known that I would strive to save the people I photograph from suffering such a negative experience.

My mission, my passion, is to foster a connection with you so you have a connection to your photographs and love every part of your experience – not just the final product.