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Frequently Asked Questions

Each session is different for the amount of images delivered. You're able to purchase extra images for any session style except for Vows sessions - which already come with the best of the best.

You can expect to have access to your wedding gallery within 4 weeks, while all other shoots are typically ready to view in about 3 weeks.

I usually start each shoot by offering some guidance. I’ll set some expectations, talk with you about the flow of the shoot, and we’ll have a few minutes to chat before the magic begins!

All things considered, Vows sessions start at 4+ hours in duration and all other shoots range from 30 minutes to 4+ hours.

After our meet + greet, I’ll email you a proposal with all the details from our discussion along with a contract for services. Once I receive the signed contract, I’ll request a 30% non-refundable deposit via credit/debit card to call dibs on your preferred date on my schedule.

The remaining 70% of the fee will be due on the day of the shoot. I am happy to offer payment plans for shoots over $1000, so please specify during our meet + greet if you would like to go with that option.

In-state shoots include a mileage fee from my home base in Castle Rock, CO. The rate is $0.50 per mile, one way (e.g., 120 mile round trip = 60 miles one way @ $0.50 per mile = $30 mileage fee).

Jaunts over 3 hours away may require you find me a nice little spot to snooze for the night if the shoots are taking place in the evening, and I will certainly let you know up front.

I am always up for the adventure of travel and will be happy to give you a custom quote for your out of state photography experience!

I strive to bring every client both an outstanding experience and product that result in cherished memories. Because I put so much care and effort into the time we spend together, as well as hand editing your images, I am unable to offer refunds. Rest assured, I devote a great deal of time and attention to details on the front end to ensure my clients will be thrilled with the outcome of my services!

If you need to reschedule your session, the deposit will be held for your new date. In the unfortunate event you are unable to go through with the scheduled shoot, you may cancel but you will forfeit your deposit.

On my end, unless I am too ill or injured to perform, I’ll be there! In a worst case scenario, I would make every effort to find you a photographer to step in. In this instance only would a client be entitled to a full refund, including the deposit. Though rare, I may suggest rescheduling the shoot if the light or significant weather are likely to reduce the quality of my services, and only if you agree.

I’m all about fully embracing whatever Mother Nature has in store! I grew up in Florida, so unless it’s a Category 4 hurricane, rain is no big deal. Snow, wind, fog, rain, even a faraway forest fire are all natural elements that contribute to the uniqueness of a shoot. Not to mention it often means you’ll wind up with a story for the grandkids someday!

Unless the weather becomes dangerous or unmanageable (for us or my equipment), it’s my practice to suggest a way to improvise or incorporate the weather into our shoot. Mother Nature makes for some incredible shots!

When your gallery is ready, I’ll email you with a link where you can view, favorite, share, and download your images from the comfort of your own home at your own pace.

Please don’t let your memories die on a hard drive! One of my favorite things I had the opportunity to do was to go through boxes of old photos with my mom and put them in some stylish albums. It was pretty incredible to see photos of late relatives dating back as far as the late 1800s and to imagine what life was like for them! To make it easy for you to keep your memories tangible and together, I have amazing, high-quality prints + albums for sale directly in your gallery.

I’ve photographed in a wide variety of venues and have great recommendations to discuss with you depending on what we discover during our meet + greet. Of course, I'm always open to suggestions for the location and am happy to do some scouting and go over my findings with you.

Permits are sometimes necessary, and I’ll handle acquiring them. Permit costs are included for Vows sessions only.

Natural light is a photographer’s best friend, so most of my shoots are outdoors. Sometimes indoor shoots are the right way to go and our own homes may not have the right light, we’re in the middle of a move, or the space isn’t quite right for the vibe to tell your story.

Fortunately, I have a secret stash of approved rental spaces that are flooded with gorgeous, natural light, are stylized, and offer you a selection of cool spaces to choose from. The cost of rental space is charged to the client on all shoots.

We use a CRM system that tracks our progress, handles online payments, and uses a messaging system via email to communicate. Zoom sessions and screen shares are always available for presentations when in-person meetings aren't doable, as well as for use of online training.